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| About Me |

I'm Michaela Fuller, and I live in Hampshire, UK with my lovely little family. I am married to Joe, and together we have three beautiful children. Aoife - aged 6, Everly - aged 4, and Arwen - aged 1.

We love the outdoors, and exploring new places to visit. Most weekends are spent finding new places to go too, or doing something active outdoors, whether its a walk in the woods or riding scooters at the skate park!
I was born on 14th August 1991 in Basingstoke, where I was also raised. I attended college, dropped out to get a full time job, then went back to college to study childcare, whilst working in a Pre-School alongside that. I worked there up until we fell pregnant with our first child. I never had any career aspirations, all I ever wanted was to be a mother, really. Although, looking back now, and if I knew then, what I know now, I would have tried my hardest and trained to become a midwife!
I love photography - I got my first DSLR camera for my 20th birthday, so six years ago now. It was two weeks before our first daughter was born, and I remember being so excited to take her photos! I think that's where my love for photography stemmed from, documenting her little life. I have done a few paid jobs now, but confidence is what I lack, and this had held me back quite a bit! I also love 'comping' - (entering competitions). I have been doing this for about three years now and have won probably over £10,000 worth of prizes so far - and so many incredible experiences along the way!

My husband Joe came to me just before New Year and suggested we set up our own joint blog, and document all our days out properly and try and get our YouTube channel up and running properly - something Aoife and Everly are very keen to happen (big YouTube fans).
So that is what we have decided to do - and that's where our idea of a 2018 UK Bucket List has stemmed from! There will be more lengthy blog post about this, but our aim for this year is to complete our Bucket List, and documenting it along the way!

| About Us |

My husband and I, have been together 8 years. We first met back in school, in Year 5, actually! Then we discovered that we actually both lived on the same estate together - and from then on, we played together most days. Water fights, riding bikes, climbing trees, playing football together, snow days - most of my most favourite childhood memories have Joe in them! It wasn't until we were sixteen that we decided to get together - it didn't last the first time round, (I blame his immaturity) but he finally got his head screwed on and in February 2009, we became a couple for the second time, and here we are, 8 years down the line, married for almost three years, three precious babies, a whole lot of love and memories to show for it, and even more to come!

|About Joe |

Joe was born on 4th April 1991, in Weymouth, Dorset. He moved to Basingstoke when he was five years old. Joe and I went to all the same schools from Year 1 until Year 11. (We both attended different schools for our reception years). He attended college, where he studied Car Mechanics. After finishing his course, he couldn't find a job anywhere doing what he wanted to do, so he decided to come along to the Pre-School I worked at to see how "easy" it was. And what was supposed to be a one day thing, turned into his full time career, which he is now a Deputy Manager and has recently graduated with a Foundation Degree in Childhood Studies!
Joe's interests include, football, Manchester United, riding on his adult scooter, and gaming. (Yes I am still referring to my husband and not a child of mine).

| Our biggest baby - Aoife Raine Ruby Fuller |

Our first born - the one that made us parents. Our darling Aoife, with the most sensitive soul. She loves to make people happy, and loves to do everything as best as she can otherwise it can leave her downhearted. She is the teachers pet at school! She loves singing, dancing, riding her bike and scooter, playing cars, watching YouTube, playing the Xbox, colouring, drawing and writing.

She is such a wonderful big sister to her little brother and sister and she has the most gentle heart. At home, she likes to think she knows it all, and can be quite bossy at times, and can be quite the little diva when she wants to be. She is always wanting to know more about the world, and loves to learn! She takes after her Daddy with always wanting to be the best at things, never wanting to lose, which can be one of those bittersweet traits to have!
She loves anything girly, going clothes shopping, getting her nails done, wearing pretty stuff, looking good, make up, going out for meals (not like Mummy at all), yet at the same time she loves to get messy, ride her bike, play football, play wrestling!
She's growing into such a wonderful, beautiful young lady, and she makes us so proud. She was the most perfect baby, toddler, and now a little person with her own mind and character.

| Our middle baby - Everly Joseph Jack Fuller |

Our second born - the one that healed my heart. Our sweet boy, Everly. Born just when we needed him most, or so it seemed. After just losing my Nan, he gave me something to look forward too, something exciting just around the corner. And he still has that ability now - to brighten up any day. He is so super cheeky, and I could just melt in those beautiful big chocolate eyes and big cheesy grin! He melts my heart. He always wants the cuddles, and is constantly telling Joe and I "Me love you" for no reason at all, and I love that so much.
He is a typical boy, loves getting messy, playing with mud, sticks, stones etc. Quite often I will find them gathered in his coat pocket! He loves superheroes, cars, dinosaurs, playing on the Xbox, YouTube!
He absolutely adores his big sister, she's his best friend. And his baby sister, is always being smothered in kisses and cuddles, and has the biggest grin on her face because of him. He is so kind and will always share with you, always offer you his last sweet even if he really wants it himself.
Recently outgrown his tantrums, well for now anyway - they could be quite awful, suddenly out of no where just throwing himself on the floor crying because someone said that dreaded word - NO. But recently that has pretty much stopped!
We are absolutely so, so proud of him and his wonderful little character - he has the biggest heart and loves to make people laugh. He has the best personality and he truly is a beautiful person, inside and out. We wouldn't change a single thing about his cute, crazy, mischievious, loving little heart!

| Our littlest baby - Arwen Eira Tommy Fuller |

Our third little Fuller baby. has just recently turned 1 years old! She is such an adorable little thing, who melts our hearts on a daily basis! So different to her older siblings, not at all fussed for walking, would rather sit back and watch whats going on instead of getting stuck right in! She is literally attached to my hip - everywhere I go, she goes. She idolises her big brother and sister, and they make her so happy - its so beautiful to see! She has a thing for taking everything out of cupboards, boxes etc, then wandering off and when its all put away, comes back and does it all over again! She loves playing with cars and has started to make little car sounds which is the sweetest thing! She loves peas, sweetcorn, carrots, blueberries, chips, crispies and most importantly - boobie milk! She's been such an easy baby, and only really cries if shes sleepy or wants to be held by me. We are loving every minute of watching her grow, and its so exciting seeing what she will do or learn next and can't wait to see how her character develops. I wonder who she will be more like out of her siblings and what interests she will have!

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