Thursday, 15 February 2018

Bucket List Adventure #2 - Wembley Stadium

Its taken a good while to get around to posting this blog, but its finally here!

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to book a stadium tour at Wembley Stadium. When we wrote our Bucket List, we hadn't specified which stadium we would like to have a tour around, but as Joe is a very big Manchester United fan, he felt as though his options were limited - so loyal! And so we decided to venture to Wembley; the UK's largest and most prestigious sports stadium!

We drove to the stadium which was very straightforward and took just over an hour to get there - which isn't that bad at all. The parking was about a 5 minute walk away, and you pay by the hour - which was another added bonus! 
We had a time slot booked for 11am - we arrived just a little bit after this time due to unforeseen traffic, but the guy on the reception desk just swapped us for the next tour, which was so lovely!
We were given interactive tablets and headphones, which Aoife & Everly used during the tour, and they absolutely loved them. They showed special footage at different points of the tour - this was new on the day as they were testing how they went, but everyone seemed to enjoy them. 

The tour guide was really friendly, and was always offering help to accommodate moving around with two little ones and a baby, which was really nice. 
Carrying a one year old baby around wasn't the ideal situation, and in hindsight I probably would have waited until she was a bit older, as she was trying to get down and go everywhere she wasn't supposed to!

The tour included: 
  • The England Dressing Rooms - this was probably our favourite bit. Seeing all the football shirts of famous football players lined up was exciting, and Everly loved seeing the Manchester United shirts, especially because he wore his on this day too!

  • The Press Room - This was a lot of fun. We were all allowed to take turns having our photo taken in the hot seat! Although Joe was slightly disappointed that it has the Tottenham Hotspurs crest printed behind (they are using Wembley as their temporary stadium this year).
  • Players Tunnel - The little ones were told to get in to two teams so they could reenact the walk out onto the pitch before the match, whilst the adults stood at the other end taking photos! There was also sound effects of the crowd cheering as they did this which was pretty cool. The kids loved it. 
  • Royal Box - We got to sit in the Royal Box - the best seats in the stadium. We also got to have our photograph taken with the F.A Cup- these can be purchased in the Wembley Stadium store for £10.
There was also so much memorabilia displayed throughout the stadium, not just to do with football, but of concerts, live aids, boxing ect. 

Afterwards we took the little ones to spend their pocket money in the Wembley Stadium store, which was very reasonably priced, and they had so much fun choosing what they wanted to buy.
Overall, we had a brilliant day out, and would definitely come back again. Definitely recommend this to all who love football, and even for those like me, who aren't so keen about football. A great day out for all!
(Just maybe not one year olds!)

The Fullers xo.