Saturday, 6 January 2018

Our 2018 Bucket List

This post is dedicated to the whole reason behind starting up our new blog - our 2018 Bucket List.
When Joe came to me and said that this year we should set up a blog and document all our days out properly through blogging and our YouTube channel, I actually thought it was such a good idea! So after a bit more thought, we have put together a list of things we want to achieve in 2018, and once we have completed one, we will blog about it aswell as put a video up on our YouTube channel, and hopefully with a bit of luck, we will gain a following too!

So here is our list of 30 things to do before 2019 -
  • Visit Wales.
  • Visit Roman Baths.
  • Go Punting in Cambridge.
  • Visit Longleat.
  • Visit Hampton Court Palace.
  • Ride on the Brecon Mountain Railway.
  • Visit the Natural History Museum.
  • Visit Harry Potter World.
  • Visit a cave.
  • Visit an island.
  • Visit a lighthouse.
  • Visit RampRats Indoor Skatepark.
  • Watch the sunset on the beach.
  • Visit the Cotswolds.
  • Drive on an open road.
  • Walk along disused railway tracks.
  • Spend the evening at the beach with a BBQ.
  • Walk Whitehill View Point, and have a picnic.
  • Go rowing.
  • Visit a football stadium.
  • Go and watch racing cars.
  • Go swimming at Coral Reef.
  • Visit Windsor Castle.
  • Visit Durdle Door.
  • Visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge.
  • Visit an indoor rain forest.
  • Go to an outdoor cinema.
  • Visit Corfe Castle.
  • Visit Brighton. 
We have to be realistic with these ideas - we don't want to put down places we know we would never get to due to lack of money, or too far to drive ect, so the places we have chose are one we've always wanted to do/see, and ones that are doable over the course of a year. We've had the input of the little ones too! I can't wait to start visiting all these places and then finally seeing our blog grow too! Just fingers crossed, it all goes to plan!

The Fullers. 

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