Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Bucket List Adventure #1 - Ramp Rats

Hi guys!

Pleased to say that we have marked off one of the places to visit on our bucket list!

As it was Everly's birthday the weekend just gone, we decided to fit it around that! The boy is skatepark/scooter/biking/ mad and loves watching YouTube videos about it too, and that's where we found out about Ramp Rats. He has been wanting to go for ages, but we thought we would wait for his birthday - he was super excited!

Ramp Rats is the UK's first junior indoor skate park and is suitable for toddlers through to 10 year olds - such a great idea, right?

It is located in Poole, and it took just over an hour to get there, which isn't too bad at all really!  

We went on a Saturday, and it was quite busy. Too busy for our liking, so we would definitely recommend going on a week day if possible. But the entry prices were really good! It was £5 for unlimited use or £3.50 each for an hour. They offer a hire facility too, so if you don't have a scooter/bike, then you can still visit and have a great time!

There is an on site cafe, that sells food and drink, and most importantly - ice cream! Perfect for cooling down afterwards.
Another great thing about this place is that they have a soft play area, so was also perfect for Arwen to crawl around in!
They also sell Ramp Rats clothing - we bought Everly a raglan tee and it is very cool! Very reasonable prices too. 

It was really good fun, and Aoife & Everly absolutely loved it. They really can't wait to come back again! We would really recommend a visit here - especially if your little ones are into scootering as much as ours, there really is no doubt that they would love it!

A massive thumbs up from us!
We would really love to see something like this in Basingstoke! 

Check out our YouTube video here of our day at Ramp Rats, and for any other information, check out their Facebook in the link above!

Thanks for reading, and let us know if you decide to pay a visit too - we'd love to hear if you have!

The Fullers.

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